Due Diligence as a Service
for Startup Investors

Who We Are

Brandt & Co. is an alliance of winning entrepreneurs and senior technical talent that exists for one purpose - to prevent startup investors from making costly errors. Our cumulative pattern recognition and array of specific technical talents mean we bring new information to the table for our clients. Whether you are wondering if that machine learning investment is as good as it seems, or you're a CEO looking to diligence a dev shop, there's someone here who can help.

If your interest is in Startup, not Investor consulting services, please click the "for startups" tab.

Professional Services Should Look Different For Investors

The complexity of investments is increasing. The easy money - the facebooks and snapchats and youtubes - has passed us by and the future is harder technologies. Every product class, from consumer packaged goods to SaaS, is getting more technical and employing more arcane methods to accomplish increasingly impossible tasks. 

How are investors with good guts and general experience supposed to assess and then support portfolio companies in spaces like additive manufacturing or NLP? The same way large companies add expertise when they need it ad hoc - with professional services. Unfortunately, consulting has never made sense for investors. The long engagements and generalists make value justification a constant battle. Brandt & Co. has the specific expertise and broad pattern recognition to help you conduct deal diligence, make portfolio-level decisions, and support those investments as they mature

Investor Service Lines

Due Diligence as a Service

In a world of increasingly complex investment opportunities, it is critical to have experts on your side to run the diligence process. Whether you need a .NET guru or an Erlang engineer, we have an expert. They'll tear apart the codebase and give you the real story on what's innovative and what was copied from stack overflow. In addition to protecting your capital against misguided founders, you can avoid the opportunity cost that comes with passing on prospects due to lack of in-house expertise.

IP Evaluation

Intellectual Property is one of the least-understood links in the startup value chain. Startup founders are rarely able to portray IP value accurately, and often leave upside on the table by shunning IP entirely. Brandt & Co.'s experts understand the nuances of crafting a strong Intellectual Property position. We can conduct a thorough evaluation of your target’s current IP strength, identify opportunities for further development and ensure the company is planning properly for its future protections.

Code & Product Review

Taking technical claims at face value has cost more than a few investors their pride and capital. Before you take a big bite, invest in a thorough review of the hard assets of your target. Our senior technical talent can dissect a codebase or hardware product to elucidate underlying value and hidden risks. We go beyond just verifying technical claims - by examining organizational practices like documentation and commenting, we're able to shine a light on data points related to talent seniority and company culture.

Board Proxy

Many non-traditional investors don't have the infrastructure in place to manage highly technical portfolio companies conscientiously. We'll work together to identify the right senior talent from Brandt & Co. to represent you on the board. Having seasoned eyes and ears on your side contributes to healthy risk management by sounding the alarm early when pitfalls are identified. More active board participation can also surface opportunities for synergies in your portfolio and spark ideas for compatible future targets.

Portfolio Management

Venture Capitalists look at technology plays all day, and have teams dedicated to managing their portfolios. If you're a non-traditional investor like a family office or PE fund, you may want to enlist Brandt & Co. to advise you on your portfolio strategy. We'll call out holes in your strategy and audit where you stand in terms of market coverage. We can also bring synergistic opportunities to light within your portfolio and sound the alarm early when companies start to exhibit risk factors.

Startup Consulting

Click over to our "For Startups" tab to view the service lines available for your portfolio companies. Consider injecting Brandt & Co.'s savvy at key turning points in your portfolio companies' journeys to engineer value and limit downside risk. Many investors engage us to shepherd  companies through product exercises like Concept Sprints, find executive coaches for their C suite, or spend time getting them in shape to pitch larger institutional investors for the next round.

Track Record

CA Family Office, Partner, >$2B under management

"Jourdan and his team brought rigor to our diligence process. As a result of their work, we were able to make smart passes on a few initially tantalizing machine learning opportunities. We later contracted with Brandt & Co. to conduct product workshops with 2 portfolio companies, which were fruitful and well received."

NYC Startup, CEO, >$5M Series A

"We owe a big part of our success in our most recent round of financing to expertise brought by Jourdan and his experts. We got real quality time with Jourdan to refine our pitch, and our product team enjoyed working with his technical advisors to get the codebase and roadmap in shape for institutional scrutiny."

NYC Startup, CEO, $2M Series Seed

"Jourdan provided invaluable help with our pitch deck + coaching that led to a $2mm seed. Whether it's help hiring or managing cash, his advice is bizarrely helpful!"

NYC Startup, CEO, $1.5M Seed Round

"Over the years Jourdan has provided consistent and clear guidance on a variety of tough founder decisions from product scope, go-to-market strategy to fundraising. My team frequently leaves our discussions with Jourdan energized and with a much better defined action plan."