Brandt & Co. is an alliance of winning entrepreneurs and senior technical talent that exists for one purpose – to prevent startup investors from making costly errors. Our cumulative pattern recognition and array of specific technical talents mean we bring new information to the table for our clients. Whether you are wondering if that machine learning investment is as good as it seems, or you’re a CEO looking to diligence a dev shop, there’s someone here who can help.

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Professional Services Should Look Different For Investors

The complexity of investments is increasing. The easy money – the facebooks and snapchats and youtubes – has passed us by and the future is harder technologies. Every product class, from consumer packaged goods to SaaS, is getting more technical and employing more arcane methods to accomplish increasingly impossible tasks.

How are investors with good guts and general experience supposed to assess and then support portfolio companies in spaces like additive manufacturing or NLP? The same way large companies add expertise when they need it ad hoc – with professional services. Unfortunately, consulting has never made sense for investors. The long engagements and generalists make value justification a constant battle. Brandt & Co. has the specific expertise and broad pattern recognition to help you conduct deal diligence, make portfolio-level decisions, and support those investments as they mature












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