Professional Services should look different for startups.

Startups don’t need expensive retainers and long engagements. They don’t need generalists and they don’t need to pay to hear what they already know. What startups need is accelerated pattern recognition. Strategic nudges from someone who’s been where they’re standing and who can discern the right moves from costly errors. These service lines are designed to provide sharp input on the most pressing issues for young companies – not to “create a relationship” that saps your runway.

If your needs fall outside the bounds of these defined service products, we can collaborate to assemble a custom workplan that addresses your unique scenario.





Startup Service Lines

Pitch Perfect

Are you ready to pitch your startup in front of the sharpest investors in the world? We’ll refine your pitch, revamp your deck, and practice mock meetings until you’re a pro. Then we’ll curate a targeted investor pool and craft custom reach-out messages to each one of them to boost your chances.


Concept Sprint

Considering a new product, or evaluating a potential pivot? The Concept Sprint is a proven methodology from Google Ventures and McKinsey that brings design, product, and engineering talent into the room for a 4-day exercise aimed at giving you clarity and useful outputs like journey maps, user personas, and prototypes.


Contractor Evaluation

Choosing the right contractors to help your founding team execute is a point at which many young startups encounter expensive stumbling blocks. We’ll help you determine what talent you need in the room and actively vet options together in addition to leaving you with a long term strategy for people management and growth.


Hiring Workshop

Making a full-time hire is an exciting time for a startup. It also brings with it important questions around culture, HR compliance, and growth. We’ll build an interview process together, teach you how to put together a talent pipeline, and attack those thorny culture and compliance issues head-on before they snowball.











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